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 "I Love You, Me"
" Love You, Me"


When, Despite All Your Suffering You Still Haven't Been Seen, Heard, Held & Loved, Would You Be Willing To BE THE ONE You're Waiting For?


The BIGGEST Problem in the World Today...Is that almost no-one knows what it means to truly, unconditionally love. When you look deep enough, you'll see that all damage, distortion, destruction, pain & suffering in life, is a result of a severe lack of real love.

But, with absolute love, you can heal all wounds, face all fears, relieve all traumas, re-connect to yourself & your creator source, know who you are, why you're here, come home to your truth & actualise your full potential.


What if, YOU are the love you are looking for? Would you be willing to love yourself enough?


Deep-dive on a journey through the 7 steps of the "I Love You, Me" method, back to yourself. Complete with a complimentary downloadable 40-page workbook, & 'Breathe & Receive' signature meditation for instant self-connection & inner peace.


Who's the most loving person you know?
That's right. It's YOU. Love is important to you. It drives you. That's why you are HERE, now.

So stop waiting for other people to be at your level & love you the way that you want to be loved. Learn how to bring your full attention, presence, compassion, empathy & love back to yourself. Fill your own cup. Be the love you are looking for, activate your potential, & heal every aspect of your life easily & powerfully.


Join our global community of like-minded souls with access to the ever-expanding library of done-with-you, guided, healing, meditation journeys plus loads more...


It's not always easy, or possible, to do the deep self-connection, healing & life transformation on your own. That's why we have a global network of professionally trained & accredited Transformational Self Love Therapy facilitators ready to help you.

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This is a powerful, transformational group program for people experienced in the "I Love You, Me" method. Available as a video e-course or as a live, online experience with Tara Love Perry.


Therapists, Healers, Helpers, Coaches & Carers

are you ready for a game-changing way of working with clients for deep self-connection & rapid, core-level transformation that simultaneously develops your unique gifts & potential?


Founder of "I Love You, Me" Method & Transformational Self Love Therapy

Tara’s extraordinary story began when she officially died in the womb due to a motor accident. She was suspended in absolute stillness for almost two months & declared ‘dead’ by two hospitals. Then mysteriously, Tara ‘re-awakened’ & continued to grow normally, birthing in full health at an eleven month term.

Throughout her childhood, Tara lived in a spiritual community centred around a world renown guru of self-knowledge. Later her family moved & started an alternative healing centre where she spent her teen years experimenting with tarot, crystals, aromatherapy, energy healing & communicating with spirits.

Today, Tara Love Perry is a Master Soul Reader; A natural high level intuitive with broad spectrum extra-sensory abilities that equip her to interact and work with the multi-dimensional library of the energetic information in your soul.

She’s well-known as 'The UK's Leading Self-Love Teacher' due to her unique & pioneering techniques for personal transformation & evolution from the human condition. Her 7-step method, “I Love You, Me”, has highly practical and wide ranging applications which are fast, deep, gentle, empowering & altogether enlightening.

Since 2002, Tara’s work has taken her all over the world. Tens of thousands of people, including spiritual, political and corporate leaders, successful coaches, authors, CEO's, celebrity artists & even a First Lady, have all benefitted from her one-to-one sessions, seminars, workshops, online courses, meditations, & her book, "I Love You, Me".

Tara is the founder of 'Transformational Self Love Therapy' which has proven to be a “game-changer" for therapists, helpers, healers and their clients, globally, and she also loves to teach her unique style of soul reading and intuitive development.

Tara has featured in numerous television series, films, & radio shows in the UK & USA, as well as newspapers, magazines & news shows in the UK and UAE, spoken on many international stages & worked with some of the world's leading spiritual teachers.

Tara’s single motivation is to help establish more LOVE on our planet, to create a better world for the children and future generations. She believes that the missing piece for humanity's evolution from all pain & suffering is unconditional self-love, & the master key to help people achieve this is the “I Love You, Me” method.


"That invisible wall is being taken down brick by brick and what has happened as a result has been nothing short of a miracle."

- Bradley Wescott

"It's a pattern change. I'm holding myself differently. it changes my relationship to the whole world.”
- Carey Brook

"I love you, Me" method was the most profound inner process I have ever experienced."
- Des Coroy

"I Love You, Me" has been my saviour over the last year and for the first time I feel a lot more at peace with myself and who I am"
- Karyn Johnstone

"It has transformed my life. I have healed more in 1 session of "I love you me" than I did in 10 years of therapy."
- Ash Khan

"An amazing tool to process anything in my life that I perceive as painful. It is the simplest & extremely powerful technique I know"
- Lucie Bastlova


To Unlock Your Health, Wealth, Happiness, Relationships, & True Potential...

(And how to get it!)

WHAT IF…Every day you woke up intrinsically knowing who you are, feeling loved, happy, fulfilled, and grateful to be alive? No more questioning and doubting yourself.

WHAT IF… You felt more authentic, more confident, more ‘You’, living the life you were born to live and finally getting what you wish for, without the constant push, pressure and struggle?

WHAT IF… You could have the love, connection and intimacy you crave, and heal old wounds with family, friends and loved ones, because you have the tools to create nourishing and satisfying relationships?

WHAT IF Life has a Divine Plan tailor-made for you, BUT because you’ve been so busy chasing what you think you want, you haven’t been in the right place to receive it?

You have a haunting sense that you are meant to be more than ‘just this’- right?

You KNOW you have a bigger purpose, but you just can’t seem to get there. It’s frustrating and lonely.

I hear you...


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